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China's catering industry to return to popularity 2015 old on the new level of $3 trillion

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The provisions of the central eight implementation of the three years, around the high-end catering business or to gradually withdraw from the market or experience catering industry to seek the transformation, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore "return to mass consumption. The latest National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2015 the national food and beverage revenue exceeded 3 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.7%, the development of the industry highlights.
Squeeze foam reshuffle a large number of enterprises "successful turn"
In July 2015, a dinner table is hundreds of thousands of million high-end restaurant xiangeqing closed Beijing last store, completely out of the catering industry. In Sichuan and Chengdu, high-end restaurants "Lion" headquarters cut 628 yuan make only superficial changes, a "sea food and poultry", part of the parking spaces for storage battery car, so that once the "shop" ordinary people become regulars.
Vice president of Chinese Cuisine Association Feng Enyuan introduced by the end of 2012, the central eight provisions introduced, parasitic on public funds and luxury consumption of high-end catering industry bear the brunt of the impact of a number of high-end catering enterprises have been closed, the 2013 national catering revenue growth dropped to the lowest point since the reform and opening up 9%.
Although the entire catering industry 'made a burn', but it is good for the development of the industry itself. The central eight provisions of the spirit of the implementation is not normal to help food and beverage industry bubble squeezed out, return to the track of healthy development." Feng Enyuan said that in 2013 is the bottom of the Chinese restaurant industry to return to the essence and rational consumption of opportunity, a group turned to mass consumption of high-end catering enterprises in this round of shuffle in the successful turn".
Reporters in Hunan Changsha "57 degree Hunan" Catering Management Limited open new stores "little pig" shop to see this as "Chinese Saimoe barbecue restaurant" cartoon dolls throughout, prime time consumers need to queue position. "200 square meters of shops, a day Taiwan up to 7 times, passenger traffic reached more than 1 thousand people." The company's marketing director Xiao Saifeng said, in fact, a few years ago, 57 degrees Xiang flagship is upscale dining club brand, high-end food and beverage brands in 2012 accounted for more than 60% of the company's revenues. Today, the company's 8 food brands, mid-range consumption accounted for about 75%, in 2015, the company's new stores are almost all mid-range stores in the store in.
Diversification, multi-level: mass catering market share over 80%
The catering industry is steady and shows the development trend rise, mass market demand is the biggest power industry contrarian rebound. Ministry of commerce data show that in 2015 the popular catering market share has exceeded 80%. According to the Chinese Cuisine Association statistics, in the past the country's top 100 restaurants are high-end food and beverage, but there are 19 fast-food enterprises, operating income accounted for nearly 100% of the total operating income of the national food and beverage hundred percent.
Feng Enyuan believes that the development of China's catering industry is showing a new feature of three "three:
Shop face big background, the overall extension of the industrial chain. The time-honored "Quanjude" around the brand product development products, food processing industry, and sales of Beijing specialty "Beijing food store" to the Beijing South Railway Station, the capital airport. In 2014, the "Guangzhou restaurant" food processing industry accounted for 74% of total revenue, more than 1 billion yuan.
"Small product big market", chain management becomes scale. Founded in Hangzhou, Granny restaurant flagship Hangzhou help dishes, dining environment exquisite fashion, market positioning is very close to the people, weekdays in each store has a queue waiting for the scene. Currently grandmother Restaurant Group launched in more than and 60 cities, steamed young hands it and more than a dozen sub brands, the number of national chain stores more than 160.
"Small groups" popularization, the high-end market is still deep. Hangzhou catering Restaurant Industry Association executive secretary general Yin Lihua believes that with people's consumption concept, quality awareness changes, there are still some high-end consumer demand. For example, the per capita consumption of 300 yuan of "Dong Roasted Duck" stores in Beijing did not fall, from 3 in 2012 to expand to 10 in 2015, the Roasted Duck, innovative patent full of cultural and creative "Dong artistic dishes" and so as to attract high-end consumers selling point.
Atmosphere is good, to help the food industry: policy development
Talking about the catering industry the cocoon into a butterfly through its transition, insiders have said that the provisions of the eight central to the development of the catering industry back on track. Chengdu gourmet capital promotion association president He Tao said that the official consumption with the exception of the concept of consumption after being curbed, the restaurant industry gradually return to the essence of service, which promotes the healthy and healthy development of the food and beverage industry.
The relevant ministries issued policy guidance catering industry "in addition to traditional illnesses, and fostering new practices" also play a positive role. Ministry of Commerce issued in 2014 on accelerating the development of popular dining guidance, and in 2015 in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, 3 cities to optimize the food and beverage industry development environment pilot. Pilot cities to simplify administrative examination and approval, reduce corporate tax burden and other measures to guide catering enterprises to meet the needs of the public, providing parity feature services.
The "double" tide, as the traditional business growth point of the catering industry is also renewed in a new round of technological innovation, take the "ride + Internet", set off a diversified transformation and sustainable development and utilization of new models, new technologies and new services of the "double" fashion.
With the help of "Internet +" takeaway food industry in 2015 to achieve leapfrog development, survey Chinese Cuisine Association, the current through the network and enterprise APP ordering ratio has reached 40%. Beijing home food delivery partner Gu Yingyang told reporters, in 2015 by the national policy to encourage the "double", she and a few friends into the joint venture. "Home food delivery as a vertical takeaway O2O brand, mainly for office white-collar crowd, put forward the" Chef delicacy takeaway "cooking vegetables are used to purify water within 30 minutes, service and other service commitment, a number of chain stores in different business district, less than 1 years to get the first round of financing 15 million yuan.

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