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What people should not eat peaches? Nutritional value of peaches

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Which people should not eat peaches? Peach is one of the most common fruits in summer, and also our favorite. However, to remind everyone is the nutritional value of peaches, although very high, there are many taboos oh. Because some people are not suitable for eating peaches, why?
Nutritional value of peaches
Peach blood tonic, nourishing Yin effect, can be used after a serious illness, deficiency of Qi and blood, palpitations, shortness of breath emaciation with sallow complexion;
The high iron content of peach is an ideal supplementary food for patients with iron deficiency anemia;
Peach contains more potassium, less sodium, suitable for patients with edema;
Peach has blood stasis, laxative effect, can be used for the adjuvant treatment of amenorrhea, traumatic injury;
Peach seed extract has anti clotting effect, and can inhibit the cough center and cough, and can make blood pressure, can be used for the adjuvant treatment of patients with hypertension;
The peach has swelling, diuretic effect, can be used for the treatment of edema, ascites, dry stool, urination and beriberi foot swelling.
Next, tell you who can't eat peaches.
What people should not eat peaches
The usual heat piansheng were sore furuncle easily. Peach taste sweet and warm, food is hot. For those who have put fire, eat a peach is tantamount to "add fuel to the flames".
Diabetic。 High sugar content of peach, hectogram peach 7 grams of sugar, diabetic patients if uncontrolled overeating, can cause blood and urine sugar increased rapidly, aggravating illness.
Gastrointestinal function of the weak. Peach contains a large number of macromolecular substances, eat peaches will increase the burden on the stomach, causing abdominal pain, diarrhea, so unfit for consumption.
Infants and pregnant women. Infant gastrointestinal function is poor, unable to digest a large number of large molecular substances in peaches, it is easy to cause allergic reactions. Pregnant women eat peaches excess heat, causing abortion, bleeding etc..
Susceptible population. Some people eat peaches will appear allergies, just beginning symptoms lighter, such as mouth redness, peeling, itching, then should stop eating, face, hand wash. If symptoms are serious should immediately go to hospital for treatment.
More than the crowd in the summer to avoid eating peaches oh.
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