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Harbin astronomical fish someone hotel was ordered to suspend business boss disappeared

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Yesterday, a reporter from Harbin relevant department, Harbin City, Songbei "super fish" incident special investigation team after a thorough investigation, the hotel has been verified not to exist in the real name service, catering license expired and other issues, the Songbei Market Supervision Bureau shall be ordered to stop their business activities, and according to the law according to the procedure administrative punishment.
The day before, the reporter saw the scene, the matter north shore wild fishing village hotel is still open, but the boss is not, several media have failed to interview.
There are a number of hotels in the main fishing not far from the "north shore wild fishing village" in Harbin city of Songbei source Avenue, here known locally as the "fish street". The reporter visited the 5 hotel sales, the store price of 88 yuan per catty dauricus to 128 yuan. According to the hotel service personnel, their sales are basically farmed fish, wild little.
The "north shore wild fishing village" across the road "Longhua village" hotel service staff, here is the specialty of sturgeon fish roast potatoes, very authentic, pure fish Huso price is 98 yuan per catty. When a reporter asked "why North wild sturgeon fish fishing village" so expensive, the hotel staff said: "may be different purchase channels."
16, 2009, the invisible customers Mr. Chen interviewed by the media, and Harbin, Songbei, the evening of 15 released a preliminary investigation questioned the situation.
At present, when the investigation appeared things customers and the Harbin municipal government departments have clarified some of the facts involved, the hotel was ordered to suspend business for catering license expired and other issues, but they dispute about fish, wild debate, tour guide is illegal, and the collusion of the tourism interests of the chain whether there are other doubts the results of the final investigation, still need to uncover the mystery of local.
Sharp comment
How long does it take to fly?
According to Xinhua news agency, even the day, with the information disclosed by the media gradually increased, the price of fish "the topic of continuous fermentation, together during the Spring Festival of consumer disputes, why become the topic of the event?
On the evening of 15, the relevant departments of Harbin announced a preliminary briefing for the price tag of no violation". But informed the result not only failed to reassure the public, has become "an ineffectual remedy". One important reason is that the follow-up investigation is too slow, far slower than the media survey disclosure, missed the opportunity to effectively guide public opinion.
16, "super fish" incident once again "reverse", once the "lost" as consumers said in an interview at the hotel menu below the signature fraud, which makes the investigation team composed of Department of market supervision, tourism and public security once again fall into the awkward.
Why someone's hotel sale price is higher than other businesses to fish, and can survive in the market competition? Why online comment bad reputation expensive restaurant still tourists constantly? Virtual high price implied whether the black industry chain?
The difficulty of the investigation in the end how much, why the wind direction of media is always running with the media?
For the less understanding of the problem, if not the official "wrong", the public often used a word or two from other or some of their own experiences to find the answers. Onlookers Tucao "super fish", is the source of all suspected of "selling" "rip off" phenomena such as hate, or even distrust of some local and relevant departments of the regulatory capacity of the market.
As of 17 PM 4, the national enterprise credit information publicity system (Heilongjiang) the page has been unable to log on to the website; a well-known domestic websites have also been angry netizens "captured", all kinds of bad reviews with multiple media; people gathered bard, ferreting out various clues......
Hope that the relevant departments do not let the truth fly too long.
"The price of fish striking one snag after another"
February 9th
Jiangsu tourists Chen Yan and other wild fishing village in the north shore of Harbin dining, the cost of more than ten thousand yuan.
February 14th
Chen Yanfa micro-blog, questioned the hotel dauricus asking price is too high, to kill a person suspected.
February 15th
Chen Yan deleted micro-blog, call the local authorities; inform someone's price tag is not illegal fishing".
February 16th
The hotel business license expired traced; Chen Yan CCTV interview, denied the signature.
February 17th
Harbin north shore wild fishing village was ordered to suspend business.
Problems to be solved
Weight problems
Chen Yan said: "the shopkeeper said that my signature confirmation, but in fact I did not sign, I can cooperate with handwriting identification, beginning to feel your 7 pounds, intends to eat, but they cut down 10 pounds 4 two, we also recognized the results, when the check comes to 14 pounds 4 two. We certainly can not recognized, we hope we can put all the store surveillance video released, it will be clear at a glance."
Front desk manager Zhao Ling: handwritten bill is not signed by the tourists themselves, but the store clerk as Disclaimer on behalf of Chen signed.
Price problem
Chen Yan said: "the price tag that is in the wild is based on identity, but after seeing feel cheated. The store in the TV station has stated that this is the wild or half breed, but the name of pure wild in the sale, no prior notice we are half breed, I hope the parties concerned can follow up investigation."
Fishing boss Ma Lei: this thing I was a great blow, is dropping, do not want to be interviewed.
About whether the problem temporarily not wild fish respond to the store.
Who first hands
Chen Yan micro-blog broke the news: "I found fishing shop scribble fish weight, several of the old man with the store theory. I did not expect the store rushed out a gang beat members, but also forced us to checkout." Chen Yan said in an interview: "I read the news on the store provides only part of the video, hope the store announced the full video, do not interpret out of context."
Fishing boss Ma Lei: at first, there is a female customer caught the collar of the waiter does not put, other waiter to help pull. In this process, more and more consumers to shop and came up, some of the staff also began to become calm, the scene could not be controlled, finally we pushed together.
Tour guide problem
A Harbin tour broke the news, to the fishing village will have about 60% of the commission. But this argument has not been confirmed by the store. From the evaluation of the Internet, to the fishing village, many tourists have complained that someone's hotel is to undertake the tour guide, driver and taxi driver recommended by the local and some black car.

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