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Rain solar regimen: cereal based food diversity

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People often say: "stand spring gradually warm, rain send fertilizer busy." A year's plan depends on spring, spring how to see rain. For farmers, the rain is a critical period of spring, spring land preparation and management, our life is full of new hope. According to the influence of rain on the nature of the solar term, the solar term should focus on people's health spleen and stomach.
Diet: Although the theory of precipitation rain solar term opportunities increased, but the weather is still dry, prone to dry mouth, dry lips, therefore, in addition to the sufficient water to supplement the water, to eat fruits and vegetables to supplement water every day. In the south, vegetables have appeared on the market, the best choice of fresh dark vegetables, peas, red cabbage, green sprouts, Chinese cabbage and other green vegetables flowering; fruit selection of water, such as citrus, grapefruit etc..
According to nutrition experts Ma Guansheng introduction: the basic principles of diet during this solar term or cereal based food variety. Although the weather is warming up, but sooner or later, the temperature is relatively low, should first:
Adequate energy intake. The source of energy in cereal based, can be in the form of Steamed Rice, Steamed Buns, while paying attention to changing patterns, such as the South and north of the Rice noodles rice noodles, noodles, cake and so on; pay attention to often eat coarse grains, corn flour, sorghum flour made from the first day to nest, can increase the intake of coarse grains through the form of porridge; do porridge, add some potatoes such as sweet potatoes, yam, sweet potato, yam porridge grains can be made into porridge, lotus porridge, red dates porridge. Animal food right to eat, fried and other greasy foods do not eat or eat less.
Living habits: promoting living, work and rest. The weather gets warmer, to increase the outdoor activities, maintain a healthy weight, which conform to the nature, to protect life follow the natural changes, the process of life rhythm, with time, space and four climate change and adjustment, to achieve the invigorating spleen and stomach, to the day after tomorrow, prolong life.
Eat food: January eat mutton, dog, bird meat, not eat raw garlic, fried peanut should not cook.
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