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3 Glutinous Rice Balls equal to eat a dish of fried food? Experts say not general conclusions

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Experts say not a general conclusion, but Glutinous Rice Balls for high sugar and high oil should not eat; the reporter calculated 9 Glutinous Rice Balls almost a day oil intake 
 The Lantern Festival is coming, eager for a fight before ready to eat don't understand Glutinous Rice Balls, Glutinous Rice Balls oil again. 
 Recently, online news, eat 3 equivalent to eating a dish of Glutinous Rice Balls cooking oil. This makes many people doubt: it looks scrub Glutinous Rice Balls, really contain so much oil? 
 In this regard, experts said, the oil content and stuffing, size and other factors Glutinous Rice Balls, not generally to the oil content of Glutinous Rice Balls. It can be determined that the Glutinous Rice Balls is high oil high in sugar, black sesame oil and peanut stuffing Glutinous Rice Balls itself is up to 40%. 
 The experiment can be sucked out of oil absorbing paper Glutinous Rice Balls 
 Recently, there is news that eating 3 Glutinous Rice Balls, is equivalent to eating 1 cooking oil. Sesame, peanuts, nuts, chocolate is high in fat raw materials, plus stuffing mix oil, higher oil content. 
 In this regard, the reporter went to the supermarket to buy a black sesame paste Glutinous Rice Balls, cooked, light poke a small opening, a few minutes later, with oil absorption function of kitchen paper edge and gently wipe. After about a minute, part of the oil is sucked out. 
 Food expert Feng Shuangqing believes that only part of the oil suction, more black sesame oil content itself is not material, with absorbent paper suction. At the same time, her analysis has great relationship with the oil content of Glutinous Rice Balls filling type and size, not generally considered the oil content of 3 Glutinous Rice Balls is equivalent to a plate of cooking oil. 
 Fan Zhihong, associate professor of nutrition and food safety department of China Agricultural University Food Institute believes that higher oil content Glutinous Rice Balls, especially in black sesame and peanut paste, because oil itself has reached 40%. At the same time, she believes that although the oil content of red bean sand is less, but in the production project will still add vegetable oil, enhance oil content. 
 9 days afterwards a Glutinous Rice Balls oil intake 
 As for the Glutinous Rice Balls containing exactly how much oil, said Fan Zhihong can be counted by about fat content of nutrients in the table. She explained that because of the fat content of glutinous rice is less than 1%, so most of the fat from the internal depression, and about 99.99% of edible oil will be converted into fat. 
 The reporter found in the nutritional ingredients of a certain brand of black sesame paste Glutinous Rice Balls in every 100 grams of Glutinous Rice Balls containing 13.6 grams of fat, according to the calculation of the net content of 15 grain 290 grams, 2.63 grams of fat intake for each Glutinous Rice Balls. If you press the three Glutinous Rice Balls calculation is about 8 grams of oil. 
 According to the China Nutrition Association launched Chinese balanced diet pagoda, per capita daily intake of oil should be 25 grams to 30 grams. According to this calculation, eat 9 Glutinous Rice Balls to reach a day of oil intake. 
 Remind Glutinous Rice Balls sugar but need to be vigilant 
 "Oil content compared to the Glutinous Rice Balls, should pay more attention to the content of sugar". Feng Shuangqing said that the body solid fat contained in harm to people Glutinous Rice Balls co.. More saturated fatty acid content of solid fat, not easy to oxidation, so the suitable package in Glutinous Rice Balls. Occasional intake of the human body is not harmful, which contains cholesterol is also the body needs substances. 
 She reminded the public, should pay attention to high sugar content Glutinous Rice Balls, especially in patients with diabetes. Feng Shuangqing, for example, orange sugar sugar in 14%-17%, Glutinous Rice Balls sugar equivalent, should pay attention to the control. In addition, the skin is glutinous rice, not easy to digest, she reminded the elderly to reduce consumption. 
 Zhu Yi, associate professor of food science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University has said, we should remind ourselves Glutinous Rice Balls is high sugar and high oil food, pay attention to control, particularly in patients with gallbladder disease, pancreas, diabetes and other people. Edible Glutinous Rice Balls, should be relatively light collocation of food, such as vegetables, eat the staple food. 
 How to eat more healthy Glutinous Rice Balls 
 - time 
 For the morning should not eat Glutinous Rice Balls argument, Feng Shuangqing think no need. She said, eat little in the morning no problem, you can drink some soup to promote digestion. But lunch and dinner should be avoided as dinner, preferably with dessert with other foods. 
 - Cooking 
 For Glutinous Rice Balls practices, Feng Shuangqing remind should avoid fried. She explained that after frying, Glutinous Rice Balls both inside and outside the oil, the oil content is high, easy to get angry, the best way is to eat. 
 - heat 
 Reporter access to a certain brand of black sesame Glutinous Rice Balls found that nutrition energy per 100 grams of 1 million 360 thousand coke, according to the calculation of the net content of 290 grams per 15 grain, grain Glutinous Rice Balls energy is about 263 thousand coke. If compared with a small bowl of Steamed Rice about 712 thousand calories, 3 Glutinous Rice Balls is approximate to a small bowl of Steamed Rice energy. (end)
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