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Malatang will eat more? 5 strokes to let "chowhound" rest assured

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Due to the small stalls Malatang is generally circular soup cooked and artificial food, can not be guaranteed from raw materials to the production of health and safety. Do not regulate the operation of vendors can bring food seasoning, substitution, such as nitrite instead of edible salt, easy to cause food poisoning. So, this spicy though delicious, eat lead:
1 easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort
Businesses in order to pursue the spicy taste delicious, the vegetables in the water gently pressed on to the customer to eat, customers are likely to not completely kill the bacteria, and to clean vegetables and food to eat. Because eating unclean food, is the most common cause of acute gastroenteritis, headache, dizziness, fatigue, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitation, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, gastric and intestinal weight loss, serum potassium is extremely low, so that the electrolyte disorders of the body, serious even possible coma and respiratory failure. Spicy food has great irritation to the gastrointestinal mucosa, excessive consumption is prone to temper, also may cause constipation. Experts advise, do not blindly in pursuit of delicious food to eat or not half-raw,half-ripe.
2 food additives processing hazards
According to experts, the introduction of domestic food, cheap fish, crab sticks and other food, is a kind of artificial food for a variety of food additives will be mixed and processed. For example, the main component of the artificial crab stick is surimi, starch, monosodium glutamate, crab crab and other accessories, some popular parlance, this will be all kinds of balls is additive for starch knead, became the spicy meatballs. This kind of food containing all kinds of additives is harmful to human health. In addition, the ingredients for soup not harmful, only repeated boiling soup can produce carcinogenic substances.
3 the use of toxic chemicals by fresh or formalin - induced cancer
Driven by interests, traders in order to make seafood preservation time, looks fresh, will use the state banned industrial base, Faure Marin foam. Industrial alkali prices lower than edible alkali, but contains a large number of harmful impurities. Faure Marin toxicity is quite large, after eating easily cause pharyngeal, oral, esophageal, gastrointestinal and other discomfort and lesions, a large number of edible, but also damage the human liver, and even induce cancer. Using formalin soaked seafood in addition to the toughness is large, can also smell the hint of pungent odor, small traders to apply spices, spicy squid series will cover up the smell, is not easy to detect.
If it is clean, real materials at normal operating shops, Malatang say that this is a pretty good food, much healthier than fried foods, but also much more environmentally friendly, so should eat spicy:
1 eat before Malatang topped with a layer of sesame to replace Chili oil or sesame oil, this is a kind of seasoning is very healthy, rich in calcium and vitamin E. In addition, often added with bactericidal effect of garlic juice and vinegar, can help prevent intestinal infection.
2 Mala Tang usually have a variety of green leafy vegetables, a variety of soy products raw materials, seaweed and other algae, mushrooms and other fungi, potato, fish, eggs and so on...... Plant material variety dominant. Fresh vegetables and Rice-meat dumplings, sausage, eggs, the proportion reached 2 to 1, as long as reasonable collocation, it is easy to achieve acid-base balance requirements than the general food dishes, food is also in line with the principle of diversification.
The heating temperature of 3 Malatang is not high, it does not produce soot and fat oxidation problem. And high temperature fried compared to less air pollution.
Vegetables can be removed in the part of oxalic acid, nitrite and pesticide 4 rinse dishes, although some loss of vitamin C, but also reduced the anti nutritional factors and toxic substances. As long as you pay attention to regular replacement of Shabu dish water, less salt washing process, is a very good way of cooking.
5 spicy healthy low-fat seasoning can be done. Rinse dishes when there is no oil, when mixed can also be adjusted according to customer requirements and reduce the amount of oil, generally speaking, raw materials containing low fat, low calorie. In contrast, when cooking, often after oil, fry, pour out the oil three gas, oil and the customers can not choose dishes.
Reminder: Spicy though delicious, but customers should pay attention to personal health, more sensitive stomach, should eat or not eat. At the same time, the health of the "chowhound" should try to eat less spicy, after all more stimulation to the stomach.
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