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Food safety concept prevention based risk management full control social co governance

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The new "food safety law" clearly put forward the general principle of sixteen characters: prevention, risk management, process control, social cohabitation, this is China's introduction of new concept of food safety governance in the basic law of food safety. Lead to unsafe factors that is the risk, it can be said that the new "food safety law" is currently the most attention to risk prevention of a law, in the 154 law "risk" word appeared 67 times.
Involved in food safety governance methods and governance content is very much, in the past are more focused on the investigation and punishment afterwards. One of the highlights of the new law is the first prevention written into the law, in order to achieve this purpose, we must carry out the risk management, governance will mark in hind forward to advance prevention and punishment trap.
Risk management in the field of food safety has actually been carried out, such as risk monitoring, risk assessment, results published, unsafe or high-risk product alerts, etc., are the normalization of risk management content. The weak point of this work is not no but that ignored the risk communication, or risk communication did not achieve full coverage effect, facing the same facts, we should pay attention to the problem, the risk degree of the risk degree and the food production operators, professional supervision departments and the general public in the eyes of the eyes are not the same the. Of course, but also includes the understanding and disposal of risk differences between different regulatory authorities.
The cause of this imbalance has a lot of enterprises, is its own interests dictates, enterprise is the economy in society, to occupy the market under the premise of legitimate profits; to the public (consumers), for their own health protection purposes, the general habit of partial safety consider, on a risk to grasp the degree of risk rather big and not easily accept the low degree of risk disclosure; in the relationship between the public and the supervision department is due to various factors leading to the lack of trust, the current public supervision departments to explain may be non rational doubt; in the perspective of the media. Used in mining, questioned to attract attention, often makes the media side more willing to report greater risk.
Give an example: in 2014 by the media exposure of the "Cod Liver Oil event", emphasis on drug properties derived Cod Liver Oil, add Cod Liver Oil in infant formula milk powder is added to the drug, brought some panic, when media attention to drug risk ignoring another important fact is that Cod Liver Oil a double cross breed, but it also can be used as health food management, and the key information is not communicated to consumers, the media just focus on Cod Liver Oil as drug risk and may contain the attribute. As for the understanding of the risk of genetically modified food, scientific research and evaluation have been released by the official, genetically modified food also can produce sales after the examination and approval procedures, but the public opinion is not consistent even formed two distinct "camp", in the reverse gene camp have since issued capital to collect data study, against all the official conclusion. There is a risk of food additives, in a food safety standards, food additives is safe to use, but the fact is that the public on food additives has a grudge, even scared, blindly equates to the harmful substances in food additives.
Risk communication is a tool that connects supervisors, technical institutions, consumers, and the media. We've said the risk of exchange, although the name for the exchange, but essentially the only information released by regulators to unilaterally release information, and the true meaning of risk communication is interactive and multi agent communication.
As the new "food safety law" said, food and drug supervision and management departments and other relevant departments, the Committee of experts on risk assessment and technical institutions, should be in accordance with the scientific, objective, timely and open principles, organization of food production operators and food inspection agencies, certification bodies, food industry associations, consumer associations and the media, to communication on food safety risk assessment information and food safety supervision and management information. To do the whole society is broken among all the subjects of information imbalance, eliminate the crisis of confidence among all the subjects, with enhanced public science efforts, make risk communication become a bridge for food safety governance.
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